Vanity Fair: The New Faces of Young Hollywood Aug 20

Liana is in Vanity Fair once again! Check out the stunning new portrait by Claiborne Swanson Frank in the gallery.

“What I love most about the business of Hollywood is the ability to connect and relate to people from all over the world, just by portraying a character.” Source

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Wishing Liana a Happy Birthday! Aug 20

From us behind the scenes at Loving Liana, we would like to wish Liana a happy birthday! She is 19 today, which is insane to us; she was only 12 when LL was opened (which was six years ago this month)! We’re sure you’re having an amazing time but another wish never hurts! ;) Happy, happy birthday, Liana!

PS… the world premiere of If I Stay is tonight in LA! It begins in under an hour. Check back for pictures very soon!

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Teen Vogue: Why ‘If I Stay’ Star Liana Liberato Is a Girl On the Verge Aug 19

Liana has a feature in the September issue of Teen Vogue, which hits stands today. Be sure to grab your copy, and stick around for scans, coming within the next few days! This gorgeous shoot was shot by Jeff Henrikson.

If Hollywood awarded superlatives to its class of young stars, Liana Liberato would be a shoo-in for “most likely to succeed.” The 19-year-old with girl-next-door good looks (who started performing at age 3) appears in two highly anticipated movies, both adapted from best-selling books: the teen tearjerker If I Stay, by Gayle Forman, and the Nicholas Sparks star-crossed love story The Best of Me. But when we meet on the Brooklyn set of her first-ever Teen Vogue photo shoot, the cool, calm, collected, and impossibly chic Liana reveals that life wasn’t always easy.

“We were so lost and didn’t know what we were doing,” she says of her family’s move from their hometown of Galveston, Texas, to Los Angeles, a scenario she affectionately compares to that of The Beverly Hillbillies. But the then 9-year-old Liana quickly found her groove in Tinseltown. After landing several small TV roles, her big break came via a part in the cyberthriller Trust, opposite Clive Owen and Catherine Keener. “I was 14, and I started to work more after that,” Liana says. “Trust was one of the best experiences I’ve had.”

In If I Stay, which also stars ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, Liana’s character, Kim, “is kind of the comedic relief,” she says. “ChloĆ«’s one of my closest friends,” Liana adds, before noting that former costars Nat Wolff and Lily Collins are still pals, too.

Next up is Dear Eleanor (with Jessica Alba and Luke Wilson). When she’s not working, Liana, who cites Michelle Williams as her idol (“I want to be exactly like her”), embraces her inner couch potato. “I just chill and watch The Walking Dead or Dance Moms,” she says, laughing. The actress keeps a core group of friends in L.A., nicknamed the “Little LaLas,” as a support system. “Surround yourself with good people who encourage and love you,” she says. “There are always ups and downs, no matter how successful you are.”

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‘The Best of Me’ New Trailer Aug 14

The new trailer was The Best of Me was released Monday. Sorry for the belated posting but make sure to watch (again!) below! =)

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‘If I Stay’ On Set Interview & B-Roll Footage Aug 08

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‘If I Stay’ San Francisco Tour Stop Photos Aug 08

It looks like yesterday was amazing for tons of lucky If I Stay fans! I have added over 30 photos of Liana, with Gayle and Chloe yesterday at the Hillsdale Shopping Center in San Mateo, CA to the gallery! We’re getting so close to the film’s release. In fact, presale tickets have gone on sale today! Head over here to find tickets at your local cinema!

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